By: The Creator

Not meant to be a religious or political writing. One must read it in its entirety in order to get any benefit from its contents. Like looking at a map one must see the entire territory to see where they are going.

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Table of Contents

Introduction. 1

The Heart of This Umbrella Word. 2

The Case of Christopher 4

The Growth and Customizing of Facets of ISIS. 6

The Hidden ISIS of America’s Beginnings. 9

The Hidden ISIS of Today. 10


The modern perception of the word ISIS (when one spells the word in all capitals) is a terrorist organization one should fear. In this imagery, a group of men from the Middle East are sat or standing before a black flag offset by a center of white symbols. Each man has their head and face covered, thus hold no individual identity or responsibility for their words, actions, support or encouragement of hate or violence. Most of those gathered are armed with one weapon or another. These are hateful men, arrogant and proud, who demand the world and its peoples conform to their religious beliefs and policies. Convert or find yourself labeled one of their enemies to be murdered. Hateful people who are rulers by fear and oppression.

This is a different image of the original word (a word spelt with just the first letter capitalized) that meant a goddess of the ancient Egypt religion. Yet, the image of hate I painted in words above paints in highlight and shadows another and deceptive picture within the obvious. Just out of the corner of the mental eye proves their modern façade is not new, unique, or theirs to claim sole rights upon. For this philosophy of hate and dominance has other faces with other names most might not see for the truth coated by lies. Some facets lit in lights of justice or supposed honor pretend they are better than the covered heads and faces before a black and white flag, not the same as ISIS in any measurement of facts. Yet, how can differently dressed and skin toned members who are covered by the same ISIS umbrella fight those with an equivalent mentality?

My observation is not focused along the line of only other hate groups such as the KKK or those of a like character. Too obvious and clear brotherhood to the men without faces in the Middle East. Rather I mean those who hide their true nature and spin lengths of words to dance around questions in ways that might impress any politician long in the tooth at government survival. Those who profess knowledge of truth but refuse the light of justice out the other side of the mouth with an ease of well learned deceptions.

I might have lost many readers by this time and such is okay. For not everyone who finds this book will be ready for what I know. Better to carve away at what doubt cracks into enforced dogma in bits than to leave the crumble alone. Should they return, my words will be waiting without judgement. Still, for those who have followed me this far, I ask you don’t judge what is written until you have read this book in full. For you may be surprised at what you read and in the order of understanding which for myself and within your mind might have taken place.

The Heart of This Umbrella Word

Under whatever language it speaks or name it takes, the umbrella known as ISIS are bullies without fail. This is why the word is, by definition, an umbrella which covers far more groups than realized by the average person. What is seen on television is but the cover image for a large file with many faces and names, as if a computer folder for multiple files.

Yet, even this new identity of the evil in men has a root that began multiple millennia ago. The full ISIS umbrella all serve a master that controls the public by law and tradition for far too long. This Master all know and do not recognize for what it is because man is trained to show obedience or lose everything from the cradle. You don’t know who this mask of ISIS is? She is found in the Bible.

I speak upon the great prostitute called Babylon the great who rides the scarlet beast covered in blasphemous names. Her beast of seven heads and ten horns which came out of the abyss. Each head kings of one mind – the belief shared by ISIS. See Babylon we know by another name, religion.

Not any specific religion, but all organized religions. Faith is not religion in the dogmatic sense. The meaning for religion is established groups who claim to know better than others what is the will of their God or other entities they hold as sacred. And the CREATOR is calling out to us, asking us to leave her before we are all lost. Yet, how many truly read the Bible with discernment? How many have bothered to take from our heads to our hearts the message our CREATOR is sending?  Like the creator of anything of value includes their bible in the packaging of their creation like the bible in the glove box of your new car.  A bible is an instruction manual in what ever form it comes in in order to give you the most benefits out of the creation that is available to you straight from the one who formed the creation.

This doesn’t remove the other image drawn out of this book. The kings, rulers, leaders … yes, translate this image clear, dear reader. Governments, the extensions of religion established to control and conform the masses into what dogma defines and re-defines as proper. Government is created by religion? Surprised? These cowards and bullies rule over every facet of the stone-hard world dominance intent called ISIS, but always nod towards their chosen religion no matter its facet of the stone total.

Root level controller of ISIS, once you thread your way through the mess of political and religious offices, share a common message to the masses: obey their leadership rules or die. Whoever sides with them must worship and fight for their elected figurehead, a being chosen to act as their claim for a Savior for the world (Jesus, Mohammad, Buda, a king, queen, president, pastor, pope, bishop elder, etc.). Each individual facet to ISIS  speaks lies to whatever section of the masses they have managed to blind with a teeny genie ideal of what the true God is without qualm or consideration of truth. The chosen Savior is painted in a view form fitted to the ideal which these leaders will use to continue their lies and so distort what is truth to suit their needs.

Some will make their points scream through throats of victims and witnesses via the use of suicide boomers in an effort to cause confusion, hatred, strife and further murder. Not into that extreme or soft of voice? There are other ways to die either for or because any idea. How about by condemning anyone not going along with their provable blat on lies or flying their flag or professing to belong to their religious club to their lie? Kill the person’s reputation and you have effectively killed the person in full. Or just make the doubtful but faithful ones believe they will be in one form of Hell or another for eternity by kicking them out of the band.

This aspect of control by whore and beast, religion and government, together work wonders for crowd control. Fear planting, brainwash with lies, mystical, teeny gods they create, bully tactics are their means to lead the masses. Obey or join the rest – tortured for all eternity by their God of supposed love. And so many bend because of human traditions rather than the truth. This is the way it has been so why rock the national or just familial boat by refusal of expectations for participation?

Do not see this work in your hands as an attack on specific faiths, beliefs, traditions, or peoples. No, merely an observance of facts related to the many different factions which hunger for the minds, hearts, and souls of any that might dare too close to its entrapment. Religion, once organized and layered with the various leaderships and authorities, ceases its initial pursuit of God’s wisdom and His promises to men. That is when the once observant slide and fall back into the arms of the whore.

As I wrote earlier, I judge no one specific religion, because they all find housing beneath the umbrella. Once faith become an established religion and finds itself categorized then carved up into its rulership, every religion born becomes a new shard to the ISIS whole. A bully sniffing out the innocent to swallow into their fold as a number measured against other denominations and description, as if to prove themselves greater than others by size or wealth. Yet, bullies are bullies and no amount or prestige among the sheep-minded lesser people is enough.

Nor are any personal faults to be found with them. Rather they choose others to name as the responsibility for any actions taken. This we see on the news near daily as of the date of this print. Some find themselves under the metaphorical bus too late to save themselves from destruction and others are tossed there as a punishment for disobedience or disloyalty. While others jump under the bus as an act of offering to the bully in charge who demand a sacrifice to prove their allegiance. Worse yet, are the ones who are led down this road willing or eager for this fate.

The one sent to save us from this reality tried to show us the truth long ago. Many say they love Jesus. Yet, rather than the Son of God himself, these sorts of worshippers serve idols. Most known of their idolatry is the weapon the ancients used to murder Jesus. worship the weapon they claimed was used to murder him. This same symbol of death they place on their holy book and literature, in front of and inside of their meeting places and, bow down and worship it! When not giving the weapon worship once a week, the so-called faithful wear the best one they could afford around their neck or somewhere else on their person for protection. And the idiosyncrasies go on and on and on. 

The ISIS leaders have them believing that their god made governments for them and, they blindly support anything that is presented to them as “what we are doing we are doing we are doing for your good.” Or they will tell the sheeple looking for answers’ events are playing out, “according to your god and savior’s will”.   

Funny. This sounds like something ISIS of the flag and guns on television would say. Leaders of every version to ISIS claim to believe in their God and how they alone have the means and Savior to take the living through to Heaven after death. Since they are always the anointed and appointed one by their God, this gives them the right to take the lives of innocent people in one form or another while they are controlling them with their implements of fear. And those looking for someone to hand hold them through life into the next world all fall for this because they refuse to look in the Bible for the truth themselves. Looking to leaders in faith and government for salvation and glory, which will never happen. This acts to hold away the One who created man and woman.

While mankind seeks to elect leaders, those who will save their country and are better men than the rest, they do not look to the Creator’s rules as a correct measure of any person. He could force us to obey, yet has not. Rather, the One TRUE CREATOR of life repeatedly takes a step back and says, “I have warned you and delivered you so many times, it’s your call you can choose whomever you like the best as your savior and teacher.  Time is irrelevant to me you can do as you choose to do, I will never stand in your way. I can’t force you to love me or choose me over my and your enemies.”

Love is all He wants from us. The CREATOR cannot force us to love, He wants us to have our free-will. Instead he sent us a great teacher, whose students mostly chose to fail the course by excusing his murder.

The Case of Christopher

Let me prove this with a man whose murder most will know, but I will highlight this in a way to hide his identity until the end. Why? To help you to see the truth about what you have been told to believe in so many parts of your life.

Christopher (or Chris for short) was a good man who loved others and gave the greatest measure of his love to his Father. He taught others and spoke about his beliefs to those who wanted to listen. Yet, he never made himself any greater than the Almighty. He bowed to no idols or exceptional dead people others might claim as chosen by God. However, because his message turned people from those who counted on the funds and numbers of the sheeple they tended, those who welded power disliked Chris.

Being a good man, no governmental authority would arrest him. Since government alone could remove Chris from life, the local religious façade of ISIS was forced to wait and search for some legality to catch Christopher in trouble with human law. The government needs its reasons to murder in order to have their conscious cleared of the bloodshed.

Too wise for the leaders, Chris managed to go on for a few years teaching and giving new hope and lives for those who were touched by and trusted in his message of love and respect. A different sermon from those in power who wared out a message of fear and sorrow. Members of their facets were pushed into submission to rightful judgement for every imagined deed done and not done from a jealous and unforgiving God they alone represented.

Here was a deep division in messages. Chris said that all men had contact with their CREATOR through his only begotten Son. Not some ritual or specific religion. Acts of worship to any dead person did nothing to help those in life. Paying money to the church did nothing to save a soul from the final punishment ahead – Hell which they created for fear and control?  No, eternal removal from God. The lake of fire, an element that destroys everything forever rather than eternal torment to rid the world of the disease.

This was a different system and challenged those in power. Each different shard of ISIS, especially the local in power where Chris lived, was ranked down from figurehead leaders who held all the final control over situations of one’s personal life along with all contact with or understanding of God. Each tier held some rank in granting a person the final salvation that comes after death by their laws and doctrine. Such ends have means in the form of donations and taxation of the soul the living needed to pay for the sake of a dead person’s soul.

Chris’s talk stirred hatred in the hearts of many against Chris and his teachings those leaders in the ISIS group Chris was born into petition help in silencing him. Do their dirty work and make the action perfect legal. The government did so, sadly, since government was created by religion to do their dirty work for them. In fact, their capture of him went quiet as such things go. However, their punishment of him and attempts to force Chris into admission of deeper crimes or just to renounce truths he spoke proved beyond brutal and inhumane.

When Chris refused to bend to their demands either way, the lot of government agents and religious bullies hadn’t gained enough satisfaction with his treatment. No, instead Chris was given the worst form of death penalty known around. One that no one wanted. People who were supposed to lead and care for the average citizen did no less than outright inhumane animalistic torture. Though to say such might be too unkind to animals. With mockery, further torment, and loud voices planted within the gathered crowd, the religious regime took away the one saving grace which remained to Chris – a tradition of pardon granted to one prisoner. This the crowd found itself siding with a brutal and hated upriser because the religious fools in power stirred this notion with their agents within the mass. 

His fate sealed, Chris was forced to help in his coming death multiple times, though he was weakened and beyond bone-tired. The death of choice, a further torture of the body’s desire for life tested and broken. Every form of disrespect was granted Chris, like a lofty would-be King handed to commoners for destruction. They went so far as to give Chis a royal purple robe along with a crown created out of flesh piercing thorns that would penetrate his scalp to the skull to create more pain and suffering.  No way to rest his head without pain as well as mock him.

Once he was led to his place of execution, the beasts all went old school Roman in a crucifixion. Bleeding and bruised, they nailed him to a wooden beam (later in time changed to be described as a cross by a new ISIS leader known as Constantine). There he would struggle; forced to torture himself for them in a fight for continued life. As he tried to hold himself up to breathe, the action forced this wonderful man to endure greater agony with deeper humiliation. A war against pain for any position that might grant him the means to live. Such a sport was this that many went just to watch. Mocking and poking fun of him as he hung there as he had to torture himself in order to try to stay alive, in all the pain and agony that they had prepared for him!

Can’t find this anywhere on your computer? Want his last name to help your data search? Don’t bother. If you have a Bible, you can find the full story there. Christopher was one man in a place in Judea a long time ago – he was Jesus of Nazareth.

The Growth and Customizing of Facets of ISIS

Despite the actions and intents of various religious zealots over the centuries, the faith Jesus manage to plant in mankind and hopes for the world he attempted to establish hold strong into the modern day. Both faith and hope have refused to fade into any returns to obedience and complacency. In fact, the movement spread to all the ancient world. Not as he would have handed the truth, but in battles of convert or die and go to one form of Hell or another.

After the central faith became an organized religion rather than followers of truth, the church broke into its shards to spread out onto the world as groups of ISIS monsters covered by a new Holy name. To hide the guilt of their crime against he who came to deliverer them from sin (which is really any rebellion against truth) and death, the largest gathering of them sat with the pagan Emperor Constantine to draft up their book of scripture. First to make more of what was truth about the beginnings of their Faith, and then to excuse them and their ancestors’ shame. If their Savior was predestined by God (His and our Father in Heaven) to die for the goal he would remove the sins of the world, then they and their ancestors were not responsible for the brutal, animalistic, inhumane murder. None of them bore the guilt that came with their slaughter of the one perfect man ever created. The man our CREATOR chose to send us as teacher, guide, and chief builder meant to help restore them and our world from reality as we know it to one of love and harmony. Where all would be equal and life came without further pain, sorrow, sickness, or death.

This murder borne facet of a new ISIS branch coated in blood found its ISIS stone growth. Yet, this truth none of the new leaders of the Church wanted to face or explain. Touchy or uncomfortable subject for them I suppose. When the group sat to create what was the first of many revisions of the Holy Bible (do any search you like and will see what is the truth about this) murder of their first teacher they found no excuse for in the old documents to hand. Thus, they twisted words to make the deed different and take the responsibility out of the hands of their predecessors.

Jesus’ death was not a murder for goodness sake! Where would one get a crazy notion such as that? No, no. God predetermined the arrival of His Son for a grave duty. See, the word of God has the death predestined just so Jesus could die for our sins. It was part of the Son’s reason to be born. That was not murder, but following God’s ultimate plan, which no one can understand – end of story. Pass the offertory plate.

Even were this so, why the brutality of the act? Why the humiliation? The worst possible death sentence of that age? Not even God in Heaven could endure the cruelty of man as He turned away so that mankind might finish rejecting His beloved Son. Not in predestination, rather in expectation; a prediction made by looking into the hearts of man and free will permitted. The CREATOR sees and knows all, thus he predicted the choice of man and held himself back from the instincts of any Father by allowing the murder of His only begotten child. Allowing the world to judge themselves. Despite the truth that God could and would restore life to Jesus in due time, the evil went just too far for God to watch without intercession on behalf of his Son.  To do so would be to take away their free will and to allow them to show all what was really in their heart. 

As for the ISIS group Jesus was born into, Judaism, most refuse to accept he arrived millennia ago. Since the Savior, the true Son of God, never arrived how were their past leaders to hold blame in the murder? No, no that was an imposter. The false prophet of the day. That was just and legal retribution against a liar who would lead the faithful astray. One of many and ever-present excuses spouted by bullies in power.

Again, I point out here that I am not writing against any religious group in particular. It is all organized religion and the trappings imposed upon those seeking God in exchange for a place in the next world that has no fire or brimstone. But I digress.

The counterparts equal to ISIS grew in number along with followers, murder went on with the killers still blameless. They had to remove any in league with Satan (a fallen angel we will go over later).  If they did not join that specific sect of the ISIS umbrella, they were heathens and miscreants doomed to Hell and a danger to faithful society. Innocent men, women, and children whose lives were snuffed out in extreme and torturous manners for no justifiable reason.

What? Those faith impostors questioned the local leader? Witches in league with Satan they are! Burn or hang them all! Simply want a copy of the Bible in their native language to study and understand without the intercession of those ISIS leaders given the one title or another grouped under an umbrella of clergy? Blasphemers! Murder them before others begin to think too! Murder the imposter faithful here to test the true believers! Shards battled other shards for control over the masses and their money. Why not? They’ve done that before. Another favorite but standard bully excuse.

Think back in time to people tied on a pole and sunk beneath the local water source. If one were to get freed and escape this watery grave in which others lost their lives within then worse awaited. For some, a rope around the neck could go mercifully fast – if their neck broke on the drop’s end. The unfortunate struggled to find air the rope sealed away, hands tied to prevent attempts to free their forms from the hold Death latched on. All while few watched in horror or in some gleeful exultation. Yet, that was still a mercy compared to what many endured.

Tied to a stake, unable to flee, a pile of kindling then thicker wood beneath you as the same eager or terrified crowd watches. A torch in the hand of the executioner sets several areas aflame to ensure the fire would not fail. Now, this was the worst means of an end for those who did not conform or in others ways anger those in power. Watching and feeling the skin of your soles and legs blister only to melt and sear off your flesh. The scent of your body cooked like meat for a meal as the flames fed from wood to your being and intensified.

Not a waste. This was for a good cause. Protect good people from the Devil and remove those who would do society harm. Society supposedly peopled and led by “good Christians”. Good works in the name of their God.

During this time, the so called Holiest of Christian faiths, began a Holy War which was sanctioned by Jesus himself. I have no idea how this happened, but that was their claim. Blessed and forgiven of any sins they might commit in the name of their religion; their soldiers were uniformed with symbols which proclaimed each as part of the Holy War and labeled the bearer equal in recognition. More innocents were slaughtered or worse and their lands stolen, all sanctified by the priests before actions were taken and their version of text edited in order to justify the greed and hunger for more. Don’t believe me? Look at the different number of versions in existence and look at what each has for alterations.

This spread their control through Europe, Russian, Asia, and Africa until they found the spread too difficult to enforce. Damage done on an external scale, the shards and facets began to turn on one another until the world was too small for them all. However, the discovery made by one Christopher Columbus opened new territories to devour. Different sects and facets followed him to this New World under the façade of religious freedom to create a new country with rules created by men that trumped God’s rules.

The Hidden ISIS of America’s Beginnings

The innocents here knew not what they greeted with respect, true savages bore skin of white not red. In the history books, mocking the kindness of an exchange of an island for a string of beads as stupidity, white so-called Christians proved their true hearts. Tearing the native peoples from their lands to make room for what they saw as the superior race, they dumped all sorts into tracts of land the newcomers wouldn’t want and forced the native peoples to fend for themselves for the most part. On these reservations the natives had to stay unless some wealth surfaced then they were dumped into a different reservation. Contracts made were easily broken while men, women, and children were murdered for the sake of ISIS control.

Each savage had the chance to change for the greater good and become civilized cultures by shipping children away to government school (voluntarily or not) and forced into the local church faith. But all their ways and former identities were of the Devil, thus had to be destroyed. This worked well in the Old World, but in the modern day stood another means of enforcement. When there were dissidents, the white men had new and creative means of disposing of troubles: weapons of mass destruction known as germ warfare.

Blankets claimed to be given in charity and meant to keep the natives warm were infected with the then known chemical warfare. Diseases never known to the Americas like small pox and dysentery entered their bodies which proceeded to bring down their population whose immune systems were not equipped to stand against unknown viruses. Those who inflicted the kills claimed superiority and justification in the name of their Bible and Savior. ISIS-facet leaders of various ranks declared the Native Americans lower than animals and slaves combined. Who were any lower of rank or prestige to question these actions? Each so-called gift killed innocent men, women, and children in a tortuous and inhumane manner. Such remains under the definition of murder no matter how one looked at the reasons given by the victors.

Yet, old excuses will out year after year. To keep control over the masses beneath them, the ISIS facets will brainwash people with such terms as faith, democracy, and patriotism. Words whose preferred definitions prove only available, like everything else, to those with the money to pay for such favors. Funds gained and lost by a matter of favor. The leaders of every ISIS facet control, not to mention become wealthy themselves, at the expense of anyone without recourse for the deprived. Patriotism and their view of democracy along with faith all favors the obedient while it rebukes the common man or woman who holds onto common sense and the Word.

Well, this was not enough. For the hard work to build up a great nation built ‘under God’ was too much for proper whites and leaders of privilege to do themselves. While the natives were too beneath them and wild to lock into proper servitude. And to take advantage of strong and proud people of equal standing (translated this as color) was undignified and difficult in this new land. All men are created equal after all. This meant free labor of a quality beyond the native populace was demanded.

Look at those who look nothing like those in power far away in Africa and Southern islands! The leaders of ISIS took advantage of the visual differences to gain free labor. According to those appointed by God for the well-being of his children, these people of black and brown skin were not human at all! No, these were beasts of burden who looked like chunks of coal from the foulest Earth! Okay, so obviously they were cursed by God. Yeah, the children of Cain or something of the like.

This made stealing people from their own lands acceptable. Steal them, sell them like livestock. No one cared what became of them any more than they worried over sheep, pigs, or cows because they were turned from heathen beasts to civilized servants. Besides, the United States is where everyone wanted to go. Common knowledge masks bully excuses so nicely. Never mind that the leaders who dreamt the plot made much wealth upon these broken backs and people.

Not satisfied, the leaders pressed for more by pushing and bullying their way out west. After disposing the Spanish from their lands, the Mexican people faced against a darker and more brutal ISIS group called the United States of America. History books again took cowards looking for money, the thrills of war, and glory to paint stories of idealistic heroes to teach the children to become. Like with other races and countries, no one was spared. Men, women, and children were slaughtered in the name of dominance and control sought out by every version of ISIS evolved.

The Hidden ISIS of Today

The different facets of the ISIS umbrella still exist and struggle for dominance to this day. Still hidden in plain sight, to add in an obligatory cliché. Now some in power intend to build a wall to cut off Mexico from the lands inhumanely stolen from one of its list of different people so long ago. A shade of ISIS power that too looks to turn even on its own citizens to prove who is in control.

Enacting laws without say of the people and ignoring the contents of the Constitution they claim to uphold and defend. Rigging elections via their electoral college to sit their choice of candidate in the White House rather than whoever wins the peoples popular vote.

Land owners are forced into paying their government rent in the form of various taxes. Some taxes add up to far more than actual rent might be charged, but that means nothing. The rules of taxation change at the whim of those in charge without discussion, election, or say of the people. Cannot or refuse to pay on land meant for the buyer to hold a safe place to live out the rest of their lives? The government comes in and steals your land away. Immanent domain granting the right and excuse to steal lands owned by families (sometimes for generations) without compensation of the rightful owners. This outrage grows greater to the point where renting or just abandoning what one has worked for makes more sense than to struggle on for the next generation.

When they cannot control others, members of this terror will push the world into rages of insanity. They attack the innocent by surprise, those that are not looking for trouble and do not cause trouble. The monsters go into airports, fast food restaurants, schools, and such, to murder and maim innocent people just to get attention on whatever issue irritated them. 

The truth that the ISIS leaders of the world have distorted and covered up will not change. In fact, change will take place only not as they think they think it will. The Truth will prevail and a Government from another place outside our solar system with nothing to gain from us other than our happiness, peace, and security, will step in. A better ruler who will help all those that know what is really truth and are willing to listen. Those who believe you cannot listen and learn from one you fear. 

ISIS leaders teach lies. They teach one must do things out of fear for life and soul. Show proper fear or you will be punished. The one that wants to help us says you must believe I exist and come to know me personally so you can come to love me. By doing so you accomplish what is good by loving the truth that is available for your happiness, security, and peace.

Under all of it guise of power and façade of dominance, ISIS has pushed itself out of room. There is no more room to push the innocent, men, women, and, children. What will come about then? ISIS will react as all bullies and cowards do: hurt those that cannot or choose not to fight back knowing their fight is already won.

It is just a matter of time when the weeds of this world will be cut down and, thrown in to the fire. Afterward true paradise as was purposed in the beginning will begin. Doubtful the various groups of ISIS will make it to another planet in time to spread their perverted ways of thinking through the Universe. Although they are desperately trying.

Religion has had over four thousand years to bring peace and security to this planet as it claims it can do if you join one of its numerous clubs. Yet in the places where it started and migrated from has more turmoil, insecurity, unrest, war, hatred and, confusion then one can imagine. Have they been teaching truth?

I don’t see that! Instead, religion as an organization and form of ISIS has progressively spread to take over the rest of the world. Each new land claimed brings more to the group under claims to bring peace and security to the people’s lives it reaches. Yet, the more religions saturate the societies it infiltrates the more problems, doubts, and confusion the culture seems to encore. Opening the door for the religion of evolution, the big bang and other theories that take over where they fail. This works to cause those with the ability to think and are not easily brain washed to doubt the existence of a creator of life. Such brings dishonor and a defamation to the CREATOR’S character.

Bringing a total character assassination to any such possibility of an existence of such a power. Some go so far as to strive for the means to become greater still. They strive to copy in their desire to create life and edit everything that is already here in some form or another to what they believe is better. While they continue to destroy the planet that was in balance before they started to un balance principles as to how life is to function in balance and harmony.

 No new ideas just copy and paste into other forms as if a letter on a computer screen.

When one puts a creator or a god that they claim to be the one and only in a box and then organize he, she, it (no matter how what they call what they have organized) this is an act of ISIS. Its leaders only do such so they can call on It when they want to claim that they have been told by it to do something they want done or taught in order to control and bully. Makes it ok to murder and oppress as they did in the civil war and others. Fathers killing sons, sons killing fathers and brothers, neighbors killing neighbors, Christians killing Christians, etc., etc.

 In their churches they organize, they decide how and who they can spiritually kill people by shunning those that may have some truth that don’t agree with what they have put in a box. Condemning them to their made-up hell where they will be tortured for eternity. Acting as judges of their fellow man. They package their gods and saviors, like fast food places package their hamburgers, and sell them to anyone that will swallow their dogma. Whatever tickles their pallet or whatever tickles their ears and imaginations!

As the One who created us in HIS image says, “They (His creation) will become so intelligent that technology will be where no one could have ever imagined but, so stupid that they cannot see truth. They will be always learning and, yet never able to come to an ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH.”

Thus, man rules man to his injury!” As well as their so-called gods of love, justice and righteousness in whose name their leaders claim to do everything. If only one could see the truth! Controlling others in any fashion when you step outside the boundaries of truth, you are in bondage, out of balance and you are putting others in bondage with you!


So then why does Religion put the world in bondage everywhere it sets up shop? When you have to start killing and scaring innocent people and condemning them to this invented hell: a place of torture to get what you want.

Who is ISIS? Anyone who wants to control another through fear rather than accept as their equal in love. Can the ISIS mentality that infects the entire planet in some religious form or another stop the killing and inhumane treatment of innocent men, women, and children? No place to run and, no place to hide anymore so who will they push around next? If you are hoping that the next ISIS leader will solve the problems, then read the Bible. A book that is the history of man’s mistakes which shows such hasn’t happened in the past nor will the same ISIS attitude prevail in the future. 

A house divided against itself CANNOT stand,” said Jesus and later quoted by Abraham Lincoln. He was wise and correct with these words.

We are being warned by that book and its ultimate author. One cannot glorify or edify anyone that is threatening them with some sort of fear. The frightened can obey when they are being watched but, when not you have the chaos we see today. So why are people making ISIS leaders out of man’s mistakes recorded in the bible and expecting results any different than those failures that were already recorded?

He who had the Bible written and then preserved the information for those with eyes to see and ears to hear has also left those who truly love Him a way out. Not a trip to heaven AS IS, and thus to continue to spread the Ebola-like infection into paradise. Nor is there a trip to the imaginary hell for an eternity of torture.

Replace fear with LOVE and you have the greatest of all commandments. Quit changing what was written to meet your needs and, search for truth.


Only then ISIS will die. A death that comes without war or hate. When that day arrives, then will CREATOR’s purpose for this world will prevail. Take the CREATOR of Life and it’s intended purpose out of whatever box you have chosen to put HIM in and you will experience life as it was intended!  See HIM as HE is and that is not a teeny Genie. HE says HE created you in HIS image.  Are you a teeny genie?

The information presented here can be proven by the history books and movies documented by the reporters of history of the secular version, taught in schools and, by those that manipulated and wrote these accounts in what is now called the Bible. Tainting the big picture.Is the term ISIS another name, as Jesus called it, ‘the anti-Christ’; that he acknowledged existed in his day and would be with us until the leader that started this in the garden would be cast into the lake of fire.?  What do you think? Do you know who that leader is? Very important so your life can have balance.   Know who your enemy is and it won’t matter how it is dressed you will know when it enters to conquer, control and destroy your peace, joy, happiness and, balance.  You will be truly free and able to see there is truth

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