Design or Chance???

                                 You are not going to believe some things talked about here!

I had some old used car parts laying in a pile.  I decided that I needed a Car so I got a picture of the car that I wanted off the internet, printed it out and put it in the middle of all those junk car parts.  My water has a lot of iron in it.  I thought if I were to water that pile of car parts I would come out one day and there would be the Car on the picture.  I watered it every day for a month and one morning I woke up and there it was. A nice Rolls Royce.  Boy, was I excited!  I got in and decided now I could drive to the top of a mountain on my property that had no road. I wanted to haul some rail road ties to take to the top for land scaping purposes.  

I got half way up and I was dragging the bottom of the car on the rocks and the rail road ties kept falling off.  Before long the car was smoking and chugging and slowing down the further, I drove it The hood and truck was all dented up from the rail road ties falling off and me putting them back on.

I soon realized that the car wasn’t DESIGNED to do what I expected it to do when it quit running.  Being so low to the ground I drug rocks with the bottom of the radiator and lost all the water.  Then the rocks put a big hole in the oil pan and blew the motor running it with no oil or water.  The car was not coming back down the distance I drove it. There it sits on the hill all alone.

I was really upset that the car let me down.  Yet I had to come to grips with no matter how much I wanted that car to be something it wasn’t designed to do, it wasn’t the cars fault but mine, for trying to take something out of its design and blaming it for its failure.

So I got ahold of the Rolls Royce company The creator and designer of that car I had the picture of and went all the way up the ladder complaining till I got to the designer and owner of that company.  Do you know what he told me?  He said, the car wasn’t designed to do that job???  Said, I would need a pick-up four-wheel drive and high enough not to drag the bottom, with a bed on the back that I could put the ties in.  I didn’t believe him but what could I do??  I needed to get to the top of this mountain.

Only thing I could do is find a picture of a truck that he described. And put it in a pile of old truck parts I had outside.  I did just that and watered it every day with my iron rich water and a month later I woke up to a one ton, Dodge diesel, 4×4 lifted 6 extra inches to clear the rocks and an 8-foot bed to easily load and carry those ties to the top of the hill.

       You will never believe what happened!!!!

I made it up and down the hill and just love that truck it is performing just the way it was designed to do.

If we want to get our heads out of the sand and educate ourselves, we will have to agree with science that everything was designed to full fill a certain purpose on this earth and as we destroy those things that were designed to help us get things done. Those things that we can enjoy and be happy with, dogs, cats, ect. We find we are now slaves and are creating many disasters and diseases that create un happiness and burdens to the human race.  Every year it gets worse just as it did the last time it was populated like now and destroyed all those civilizations that man is digging up all over the world.

Certain facts have never changed no matter how hard we try.  You can’t breed men and women with monkey, apes or any other animal on this earth and have children.  No one is crawling up out of the water and deciding to be a man or a woman.  You can’t plant a water melon seed and get a strawberry plant.

Everything that brings life to this planet comes from a seed.  A seed designed with all the information in it to produce everything need for the life to prosper if the conditions will allow.

The seed that comes from a man is so tiny it takes a microscope of high power to see the seed but, it can’t see what is inside that makes everything needed by a man or a woman to be happy if they stay within their design. Amazing!!!  The man is the farmer he plants the seed but he can’t just throw it on the ground. He needs a carrier of his own design to carry that seed that will produce another of their kind that they can nurture and love as themselves.  Because just like the truck and the car they were each designed to serve a purpose in making the human race a happy creative race and an earth that would serve their happiness if they don’t take it out of its design.

Now I see all kinds of posts on this face book talking about discrimination.  Republicans, hate the democrats, All the religions hate one another and claim to be the way to their god they created to justify their actions of discrimination to another human being, etc. etc.

I know about discrimination.  I grew up where I was a minority.  I was halted because my hair was blond, my eyes were blue, and my skin was white.  I spent many times on the school yard wondering why I was being hated while I was fighting groups of different colors even the scared ones of the same color would help them in fear that they would be picked on if they didn’t.  Later moved to another town that the people in that town hated the people that came from the town I came from so the fights start all over again.  Why I said, I’m a nice guy, easy going, likes to get along, wants to like everyone??

Then I grew up where wars and killing were taking place, so who is your friend and who is your enemy?  Better know or you won’t come home. 

I don’t discriminate between a man and a woman even though in business I found that in searching for dependable employees the women were more dependable and didn’t have to go through so many to get what you were looking for.  I still interviewed men and gave them the opportunity to judge themselves.   

Now it’s the battle of those of a different design to meet a specific purpose.  Men want to be a women and women want to be men.  So, they battle for empowerment. I didn’t name it but, it is called the battle of the sexes.

I happen to be a nice guy but, I am getting mighty tired of being discriminated against because a woman doesn’t like her design and sets out to make every man that comes along a no good, abusive, narcists and wants to put me in that category, just because I have a brain and will not allow myself to be belittled undeservingly by anyone.

I am of a different design for a different purpose by a designer and creator that knew what he was doing.  He didn’t plan for me to be of the design of a man as the human race calls them.  The seed that was planted decided what should grow.  No watermelon seed produces a pumpkin!  So here I am don’t know if I would rather be of the other design because I never was of that design, so I will do as I am designed to do in hopes that I can complement the other design if we are team players it can happen if she hates who she is and would like to become me.  NEVER HAPPEN.  To her I will just be another abusive, narcissist man and she will be a woman with Peneus envy seeking for empowerment and the opportunity to destroy every man that comes into her presence or strives to bring other women into her lonely-hearts club by destroying their man.  Not team players to complement one another.

Men you have created this atmosphere in your insecurities you try to make women stupid.  As the old saying was keep them barefoot and pregnant. With your religions you have manufactured to control people you also made women an object to be owned and controlled not a human being.

You let them belittle you with these posts on television you laugh at the stupid way a woman makes you look in their comedy.  In every action movie it takes a woman to tell you what to do and how stupid your plan was.  You have become a bunch of baby boys looking for a momma and wonder why you aren’t treated with the respect you are looking for, like your design?  You think punching someone out makes you a man.  Bringing peace to volatile situation is what makes a man.  Someone that can fix rather than brake and put his fist through a wall. The opposite design is now following and are caught up in your examples NO ONE IS WINNING!!!   As the Beatles sang, Look at all those lonely people.  This attitude mentioned is where they all come from.

There are some good humans out there of different designs but they are becoming fewer and fewer and they are not out there battling, manipulating, conning, making fun of, and seeking a way to hurt and use one another. 

If we both don’t have our houses in order. I didn’t cause this.  I am tired of all these battles and speak out for justice and righteousness for all kinds. We should be complementing our designer by reflecting his image not belittling him with our egotistical attitudes which he and those that want to help us do not possess.  You are both of the same design (Man-Wo  Man)   just different jobs to do to make this world work..

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