Design or fluke??

In the beginning of our time right now, without going back too far, there were horses that hauled us around and did our labor in the fields.  Then, out of nowhere, automobiles grew out of the ground and started hauling us around. Soon after that trucks and tractors, and heavy equipment grew from the ground and started building our homes, cities, and countries. Then airplanes grew from the ground and started flying us to places we would have never been able to go to, for the time of our life span would not have given us that advantage.

In time boxes would spring from the ground that would gather pictures, sound, entertainment, that we would throw out into the air and no matter how much wind, rain sleet or snow all the pictures, sound, and entertainment that we would throw into the air, it would all be gathered together and put right before us in those boxes so we could view it right before our very eyes and ears.  Then, sprang from the ground a very small device that anyone that wanted to get in touch with us, could find us anywhere in the world, could instantly find us and could throw their voice in the air and as though they were standing right next to you everything could be heard instantaneously loud and clear, through this little box that grew out from the ground.

Soon after that machines that would do our thinking for us sprang up from the ground and shrank in size from a multi story skyscraper which housed all this equipment which was very slow, to the size of something small enough that one can strap it on their wrist, that was so fast that one cannot see it happen, other than it just happens in split seconds right before our very eyes.

How many of us can explain how this all happened, and the many hours of thought, trials, and, errors that went into all that we have that came from the ground that we can use to lighten our load and make life more convenient as we know it today in our hustle and, bustle world we have created and designed for ourselves today..    Did you hear what I said?  Created!!! 

Does anybody really care?  Do they have to care?   They take advantage of these things that came from nowhere other than the retail outlets, dealerships, etc. that brought them to us so we could take them home and use them.

Do They make GOD’s out of these things? Yes, many do. Even though they make their lives somewhat easier, they also make slaves out of those that take advantage of their supposed conveniences and entertainment.   One has to get up and go to work daily, in order to make the money to pay for such and, when not working, has to clean, and maintain these items in order to keep them working for them. Work to make the money to pay someone else to do what they don’t want to do.  But, all in all, their life is no longer in their own control, for they must do what is demanded from them by all their conveniences that they have created to supposedly enjoy. 

In the process of getting all these things from the ground, they have been destroying the very home that they live in.  The water they drink and the air they breathe is polluted. The food is no longer nourishing.  They are now slaves to unhealthy bodies, death, minds, and many prescription and non prescription drugs. They are slaves to their many addictions; alcohol, tobacco, gambling, sex, unhealthy food, and the list goes on and on.

The earth has had enough, and their throwing it out of the balance it was created with, is now making them slaves to the weather channels earthquakes, tornadoes, severe wind storms, Hail storms, tsunamis, droughts, forest fires, and the list goes on, making them slaves to the disasters they are creating, due to their never ending need to satisfy their greed that continues to grow as they become more and more enslaved to their selfish desires. Wars, hatred, strife, jealousies, religious competitions, and the list goes on.

Everything mentioned here had a beginning, and in order to solve any problem or enjoy something to its fullest, one must learn how to care for what they have been given.  If something is broken and you want to fix it yourself you must start from the beginning and you will have the discernment needed in order to solve the problem or not create a problem.

Gods usually make slaves out of people. Look around, they have been doing it since the beginning of time, in some form or another.

The information brought out here shows signs of designers that created these forms of life for their use… The miraculous design of living breathing flesh and blood life show a design and a creation not just a chance that grew out of the dirt and water which is the substance they come from just as the designs and creations of man.  NONE of the substances that they are made came from another planet but from right here on earth.

Now the problem is for the thinkers.  Religion wants you to believe you must worship this one that designed and created all life on this planet wants to be worshiped.  A tactic used to control and manipulate in order to have power and make money as they enslave the creation to meet their needs. 

The one called Jesus spoke out against this misnomer. Saying that the creation should love their creator and reflect his image. Love, kindness, self-control, trust, respect, appreciation, hate what is bad and love what is good, giving them the freedom to exercise their creative abilities if it didn’t hurt someone else, ect all that would lead to happiness for all.  Setting everyone free not making slaves out of them. the same you want from your children.  Not worship, just appreciation and respect for the gift.  Not damaging the earth out of greed, carelessness, entitlement, ect.

Anything bad that happens is not the creator’s will or an act of the creator but is from the rebellious attitude of HIS creation.  There is a beginning to these attitudes and were brought into this world by greed and jealousy.  There is a creator of these rebellious attitudes and man is blindly at their own will believing they can escape the destructive principles behind them.

So far with all the religions and mental help agencies around the world saying they have the answers and as one can see Lawlessness has increased, and the one that created man and woman predicted that because of the increase of lawlessness the love of the greater number would cool off with no way out since the liar that they have chosen for their god will lead them to their dilemma for no one is greater than their chosen leader or master of their lives.  As these posts continue it will all come together for those that are free and have eyes and ears for what is truth that will set them free from the bondages of this world and good for all.

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