Why are all these religious articles predicting the date of the end times? a scam to bring you over to their way of thinking and believing?

Is the Bible a history of man’s mistakes that he ignores and keeps repeating?  or is it a Holy book set up by a creator of human kind to keep them in confusion and at odds with one another? Teaching hate by dividing his creation into thousands of religious sects that have hated and killed one another since the beginning of time?

                            Is their Truth?   What is Truth?  How is Truth determined?   VS Opinion?

                                                               Truth NEVER changes.

Example:  If one person is standing alone in a room and another person walks into that room now there are two people in that room.  As long as one of anything is present it will always be one until one more of the same enters the same space there will be two until another enters or one leaves.  That is truth and everyone in the entire world will have to agree with that statement.  From the beginning of time this has been truth.  Truth never changes.

Opinion: Its ok to drive 90 miles per hour in a white out snow storm with black ice on the road.  That opinion will change rapidly from person to person and from the beginning of time till the end of time.

There may be an opinion that one wants to claim as their truth, but that does not make it truth for opinions always change.

Why are all these religious articles predicting the date of the end times a scam?  To bring you over to their way of believing.?    They make a lot of claims that they have an inside connection to GOD and that this GOD is allowing them information that you are not privy to.  Anytime they run out of phony ideas that are not going over and their bank account is running low they have to come up with some mystical Idea that all their other competitors (other religious institutions) don’t have privy to since they are the only ones that are allowed by this GOD to have this new information which they claim to be truth, for they are all in competition with one another that is why so many of them are called by so many different names.

They all claim to believe in the Bible and they have made it into a holy book and say that they believe in Jesus Christ as their savior. Yet they follow the men who abandoned this Jesus, LIED and said they never knew the man.  Religious leaders of his day had this Jesus murdered in a very inhumane, torturous and brutal way so that he had to torture his own body while trying to stay alive for as long as possible.  Those followers ran and hid and then lied that they never knew him.  Then went on to form religious organizations using Jesus as their scape goat as to what they wanted people to believe.

Again, making organized religion that would divide people, just as they were divided in the presence of their so-called leader Jesus, arguing who was the greatest among them, rather than bringing people together.  Contrary to what Jesus taught in their very presence.  Changing even what their Bibles really said in order to justify the inhumane, brutal, and torturous murder of Jesus and allowing them to control and manipulate the people who were seeking a shepherd. To show them the way to greener pastures. Putting them in fear and bondage to lies that would make them weak and controllable.   

Why so many versions of the Bible that they claim is a word from their GOD that they all created.??  Why so many books and scripture omitted to change the purpose of the Creator? Would creating this GOD the way they wanted Him give them rein over those they were lying to.?   Just as they did when they were freed from Slavery in Egypt, they created a god in the form of a cow made of gold to lead them.  Even after their Creator told them that the images that they would create would make them as blind, deaf, and as dumb as the image would be in whatever form they fashioned it into. 

Today they worship the murder weapon that they claim was used in the brutal and inhumane murder of their supposed savior they wear it around their neck and place the image on their bibles and in or at their places of meeting. Let a pagan king tell them how to change their bible to make this image their salvation rather than this Jesus they were claiming.

. Others have branched off from the bible and call themselves Moslems, Buddhists, Mennonites or whatever and have appointed their own holy men or Jesus Christ that they use to control and create division and hatred since they now are the proud owners of what they have decided is  truth

Then they went on to create governments inside and outside their religious organizations in order to control and pillage the people and their money and property.  If one didn’t agree with the other then their governments in the name of Jesus were granted the power to kill those opposes just as the government, they created in the day of their supposed savior Jesus they were granted the authority to Brutally, and inhumanely murder this Jesus.

Back in the day if one opposed their agenda by sharing words out of their own Bible that they claimed to follow that contradicted what their religious opinions, their interpreted ideas they were teaching they stoned them to death, burned them alive at the stake, had witching stools that they drown them on, or whatever torturous way to murder them and get them out of the way.  Their club elders would agree upon contrary to the teaching of their savior but, in agreement with the eleven that abandoned their teacher Jesus.  They went on to organize religions and set the criteria in order to be a member and stay a member without being  murdered either physically, emotionally, in reputation, or spiritually.

As time went on such severe punishment was getting harder to get away with and the need to punish in a more subtle way to the public, they proceeded to murder with the terms of disfellowship or shun and to label them apostates so those club members could feel justified in their ways of needing to agree with the internalized government within.  That is set up in every organized religion. 

The one that they claimed to follow, this Jesus, warned them about using fear to get people to listen to their Creator which they went on to call GOD.  Jesus taught that you can only believe, love, trust, and accept the teaching of the one you choose as your creator, mentor out of love that you have for them out of love not fear.  He taught that you can’t even love the one that created you if you did not love who you become and, you couldn’t do right by others unless first you loved yourself and were willing to show them that same love.  No laws or fears of anyone or anything could make you act towards one another and your creator with humanity, righteousness, and justice, without love.  Jesus made those principles the greatest of all thoughts or ideas. If practiced man, women, and children would have the truth it would take to make earth a happy place to occupy. A creation that would glorify their life giver not make HIM the fault of every bad thing that would prevail upon this earth.  All catastrophic weather events are acts of GOD? All mishaps to someone are God’s will?

If we look at the bible as a holy book man will fail as he has since the beginning of time in his effort to control others with the use of his mystical Gods that he would create and the lies he would tell to cause fear and weakness in those that were supporting him as he ruled over them.  The Jesus they claim to follow told them that man rules man to his injury.  He also fore warned them that even though every man be found to be a liar let their creator be found to be true.  If so no need to organize to hate one another, no need to change the thoughts of their bible since the truth that was to be presented would expose all those that want to appear to be righteous GOD appointed leaders of man. women and children.

These people that have organized the Creator to fit in their box that they want Him in have told the public or those members that Jesus was the only perfect man that ever walked the face of this earth yet they go on to form their religious clubs after the writings of those that went on to form religions to compete with one another just as they wanted to do when they walked with Jesus.  They argued as to who was the greatest among them.

What if the one that Created man in his image knew that they needed guidance in their growth since they were creators like him and knew that they would discover things that would bring them harm if they used them for the wrong purposes.  He wanted them to be free like we want our children to be free but not to the point of bringing themselves harm so we are there to guide them as they discover.

What if the Creator of man told certain men or women to write of their mistakes or rebellious attitudes knowing that to repeat the same mistakes, and attitudes would bring the world to where it is today?  He acknowledges that in the last book HE had written where he warned that if mankind were to add to or take away what he was finished writing that they would experience the many plagues that we are experiencing to day and have since the beginning of His examples of the different men, religions, governments, and cultures have experienced by their rebellious attitudes that they decided was best for them.

Have you heard the thought expressed by those around you< “history repeats itself”?    Have you heard if you expect to get different results out of doing what doesn’t work over and over again?  If you are forewarned of these things, You might do something about it.  If you were guided by those that were making religion out of these examples that were written and side stepped what their Jesus warned them about as they did from the day he arrived.  Then the only thing they got to look forward to is finding someone that will tickle their ears with these mystical stories that they are trying to sell to make them get ahead of their Creator, and, his love for them by sending them someone to show them the way to be happy amidst all the confusions and hurt by knowing  what or who is their enemy and how to conquer it.  Jesus knew and exposed man’s enemy and he conquered this world even unto death.

A brutal and torturous murder brought to him by the religious people of the time and this time, those he came to set free from the bondages that they had put themselves in and those that would join their club.

If you want to see more, I will go on.  I am not religious and I don’t belong to any of the clubs nor am I trying to start one I don’t need the money or the prestige and for this reason I have no religious or money or power blinders on.  Just the desire to share so you can make up your own mind. And see if you really believe we have a creator that religion has hidden with all their lies or if the world’s biggest religion called the THEORY of evolution has the answers like religion that they can only theorize?

Technology and science is verifying what the Bible says as to how this all started and where it is going.    while religion has covered it up to keep one ignorant giving them the power to manipulate and control.

This book was not written for the purpose to divide people through all these millions of religions and religious ideas.  Not written to start or back any religion.  It was to set you free from all the bondages that man would put upon man and free those that want to be free.  To acquaint them with their Creator so they could walk one on one with Him.   Like raising a family do you want others that don’t have your children’s best interest in mind guiding your children?   Many religious perverts have damaged many children.  As many religious perverts as Jesus showed them to be. Have damaged many adults.

The one who created mankind did not make it a secret or some formula that we would have to figure out in order to decide that we can get ahead of Him.  He definitely wants to change things for the better for his creation on this earth, but, he won’t if we don’t want him to and so far, we have chosen our saviors and they don’t include him.

 He told us when he would step in and He told us that we would determine that day not Him.  Too simple?  His ways are very simple.

 Man’s ways are filled with greed and jealousy so they cannot see or come to know who the savior that they would like to have truly is, for the ones they create they put in a box and sell them like fast food hamburger stands sell hamburgers.  Which box do you want us to put your savior in and how do you want your ears tickled?


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