Design or fluke??

In the beginning of our time right now, without going back too far, there were horses that hauled us around and did our labor in the fields.  Then, out of nowhere, automobiles grew out of the ground and started hauling us around. Soon after that trucks and tractors, and heavy equipment grew from the groundContinue reading “Design or fluke??”

Design or Chance???

                                 You are not going to believe some things talked about here! I had some old used car parts laying in a pile.  I decided that I needed a Car so I got a picture of the car that I wanted off the internet, printed it out and put it in the middle of allContinue reading “Design or Chance???”


IS IT ABOUT TO BE DEFEATED? By: The Creator Not meant to be a religious or political writing. One must read it in its entirety in order to get any benefit from its contents. Like looking at a map one must see the entire territory to see where they are going. Please Grade This Paper.Continue reading “WHO IS ISIS?”

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